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#PutHousingFirst Campaign

NLIHC received over 16 nominations for the 2019 Organizing Awards.

GNOHA and HousingNOLA’s #PutHousingFirst campaign was nominated as one of the region’s successful campaigns

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#PutHousingFirst Campaign

By: Andreanecia Morris, President and CEO of the Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance After Hurricane Katrina devasted New Orleans’s infrastructure, nonprofit housing builders and community development … [Read More...]

Lakeland Housing Authority on the Rise

By: Benjamin Stevenson, Executive Director at the Housing Authority of the City of Lakeland Since being designated as a Financially At Risk Public Housing Authority, we at Lakeland Housing Authority (LHA) are … [Read More...]

How One Community Land Trust is Strengthening Its Community

By: Christina Olson, Programs Director at Kulshan Community Land Trust At Kulshan Community Land Trust (KulshanCLT), we strengthen our community in Washington State by holding land in trust for permanently … [Read More...]

Residents take affordable housing fight to the ballot box – and win

By Roberto Jiménez, Mutual Housing California CEO In 2018, Mutual Housing California organizers took on a year-long voter participation effort with residents of our affordable housing communities as part of a … [Read More...]

Working Alongside Tenants of Subsidized Housing to Improve Living Conditions

By Zoë Middleton, Texas Housers, Houston and Southeast Texas Co-Director At Texas Housers, we support low-income Texans’ efforts to achieve the American dream of a decent, affordable home in a quality … [Read More...]

How Metro Raised $652.8 Million in a 2018 Affordable Housing Bond Measure

By Jes Larson, Metro Regional Affairs Manager Nearly every community in greater Portland has been facing unprecedented increases in housing costs, housing insecurity, and displacement in recent years. To … [Read More...]

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