News Round-Up: Upset

This March has become a month of upsets. As college basketball fans know- and the friends and family of basketball fans are surely tired of hearing- the NCAA men’s basketball tournament saw two major upsets over the weekend: two 15th-seed teams beating their 2nd-seed opponents.

It seems many in New York were shocked by an upset of a different kind: New York City does not have the highest Housing Wage in the United States.

The New York Observer, Daily Mail New York, the Wall Street Journal and Business Insider all published stories on the fact that San Francisco, with a two-bedroom Housing Wage of $36.63, beats out New York City, with a housing wage of “only” $27.38. TV stations in Maryland and Oregon picked up the story as well.

The New York City metro area is the 14th most expensive metro area in the U.S., based on the two-bedroom Housing Wage.

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