Last night, the House and Senate passed a minibus FY12 budget bill that funds five agencies including HUD and USDA. We issued an alert last night between the House and Senate votes, detailing the cuts and policy provisions contained in the bill. We’ve reported regularly on the budget process in Memo to Members as well.

According to the Washington Post, the bill “favors law enforcement agencies and programs that funnel money directly to voters. And it cuts programs that send cash to local government agencies” as well as cutting housing programs.

The deepest cut in housing funding was levied on the HOME Investment Partnership program. The 38% cut to HOME will “severely limit the number of people who can be assisted” by the program, according to NLIHC President & CEO Sheila Crowley.

According to the Associated Press, the bill, which includes a continuing resolution on the budget that funds the federal government through December 16, exposes rifts in the Republican Party. Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports on the wrangling over FHA mortgage limits that became part of the budget debate.

Is this the budget you expected to see? How do you think these cuts will affect your community? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.