“I always like it when people and groups think big.”

That’s what Mark Fogarty, editor-at-large of National Mortgage News, wrote yesterday in his column about the United for Homes proposal to fund the National Housing Trust Fund through mortgage interest deduction reform.


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We ask supporters of the United for Homes campaign to work with their local media to secure more coverage. Pitching a story to the media can seem daunting, but our growing national campaign is unique, interesting, and attention-grabbing.

Why is this story relevant?
The mortgage interest deduction has been viewed as a sacred cow, but as Washington moves toward comprehensive tax reform, this expensive tax expenditure will be part of the debate. United for Homes would not eliminate a mortgage interest tax benefit. Rather, we are proposing fair and innovative tax reform which taps into the public’s growing interest in addressing wealth inequality.

Why is this different than other pitches?
Because we are offering a solution. The media hears a lot about negative impacts, but our proposal offers a refreshing and rare viewpoint. We can improve the mortgage interest tax benefit to help more homeowners, while also solving our nation’s affordable housing crisis. Being part of a movement for positive change is appealing to everyone – including reporters.

Who cares?
Lucky for us, America does! The United for Homes proposal would help end homelessness, and that is something that resonates with everyday readers and policymakers.

You can make a difference by:

  • Pitching the newsworthy story to local reporters who cover housing or tax policy;
  • Submitting a letter to the editor in response to related news (“Great piece, but the article overlooked an important solution that exists…); and/or
  • Writing an op-ed from your compelling human-interest angle. Why did YOU endorse the United for Homes campaign?

And we’re here to help! Contact Sarah Brundage at sarah@nlihc.org or call 202-662-1530 x246 to get started.