Over the past 40 years, NLIHC’s robust network of organizational and individual members has sustained our efforts not just through financial support, but by building our far reaching advocacy base. We are proud that our growing field of members reflects the broad range of advocates working on housing issues in communities across the country. NLIHC produces a wide range of publications to serve the advocacy needs of our diverse and dedicated members. There are so many reasons to become a member of NLIHC, and one of them is the early access to our publications at free or discounted rates!

For everyone from the beginner advocate to the expert in need of quickly looking up information, there is the go-to Advocates’ Guide to Housing and Community Development Programs.

The Advocates’ Guide includes the history and summary of key housing issues and programs, forecasts for 2014, tips for local success, what to say to legislators, and much more! Members can learn about every major housing and community development topic from Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing to the newly updated Voterization tools. The Advocates’ Guide helps equip NLIHC members with the resources you need to be effective advocates at home in your communities and on the national level.

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For the policy tracker, there is no better source for current housing news than Memo to Members.

NLIHC members receive Memo to Members directly in their inbox or mailbox every Monday. Our acclaimed weekly newsletter keeps advocates up to date on the latest federal housing policy, research, and other news such as public webinars and reports from our field.

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For members of low income renter communities, Tenant Talk is made specifically to be shared with your friends, family, and neighbors!

This quarterly newsletter is for tenants, residents, and other low income renters. Created to engage low income people in housing advocacy, Tenant Talk connects with residents on the housing policy issues affecting their lives such as source of income discrimination, voterization, and protecting tenants at foreclosure.

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For the state and local advocates, our annual flagship report Out of Reach provides powerful data on the affordable housing crisis.

Out of Reach reveals a key indicator: the Housing Wage, which is the wage one must earn in order to afford a modest rental home in communities across the country. Advocates can use this information to show Members of Congress, state legislators, and local elected officials the great need for affordable housing and its impact on the daily lives of their constituents.

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Join NLIHC today at www.nlihc.org/membership! Please contact our Field Team at outreach@nlihc.org with questions or comments. To order a publication, please email creyes@nlihc.org.

And stay tuned to the blog this summer to learn more about these and other publications in upcoming Project Spotlights!