The Coalition’s Policy team keeps on top of our policy agenda, making sure that Congress understands what our priorities are and how only actions they take can make our agenda a reality.


The Policy team tracks every bill that is introduced in Congress and pays attention to each bill that intersects with our mission to achieve socially just public policy that assures people with the lowest incomes in the United States have affordable and decent homes.

We hold meetings with congressional staff, hold briefings for staff, attend hearings, and weigh in with offices when it is time for them to take action by developing amendments or bills, or determining how they will vote.

In addition to our policy agenda playing out on Capitol Hill, we are also interested in how the executive branch, namely HUD, USDA, Treasury, and the Federal Housing Finance Agency, are using their powers and funding to address the nation’s lowest income households.  We comment on rules, suggest notices and guidance that agencies might offer, and urge strict oversight of programs so Congress only has reason to fund them, not decrease funding for them.

We also collaborate with our Field team a lot. This way, our organizers can reach out to ask our network to weigh in when we think it will be most effective, which is always!

In short, the Policy team believes that federal housing policy and resources are the key way to solving our most pressing housing needs.