We are honoring our roots and our founder, Cushing Dolbeare, this week as we wrap up a busy year.


We ‘housers’ need to celebrate what we can do and have done, though in the
context of how little of the need we have addressed and what we could do if we
had adequate resources.

In 1973, President Nixon addressed concerns around federal housing programs by simply shutting down all low income housing efforts. The moratorium resulted in greater need for affordable housing. In response, Cushing Dolbeare organized the first advocacy coalition on the basis of public interest rather than the health of the housing industry. This ad hoc coalition formed in 1974 without staff or budget. She assembled a second group, the Low Income Housing Information Service, to provide data on housing problems, federal housing programs, technical assistance, and support to state and local housing advocacy efforts. The two organizations operated jointly until they formally merged in 1996, forming what you know of today as the National Low Income Housing Coalition.

NLIHC was built on the idea of encouraging everyone who recognizes the importance of a decent home to speak up, and to provide the tools to do so effectively. We hope you will help us carry on the spirit and substance of Cushing Dolbeare’s work with a donation through our secure website.