The winter issue of Tenant Talk hit the mail today, and in it you’ll find lots of great information to get you ready for 2012.

First and foremost, we cover everything you need to know to be prepared to register and vote in the 2012 elections. From voter turnout trends to where to go to find your polling place, we have the answers you need and the inspiration you’re looking for to get out and vote next year.

You’ll also be excited to read our update on one of the keynote speakers for our 2012 Housing Policy Conference. Held March 25-28 here in Washington, D.C., our conference is a must for low income housing advocates. We hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we are!

Finally, this issue of Tenant Talk marks the first issue featuring a new section called “Dear Tenant Talk.” Tenant Talk is all about encouraging low income advocates to make their voices heard, and this section puts our readers’ front and center. Comment on a recent issue, ask a question, or tell us what you want to hear more of- we want to hear it all. To submit your own letter to Tenant Talk, email with “Dear Tenant Talk” in the subject line.

Tenant Talk is making its way to the mailboxes of tenants, residents and tenant groups as you read this post. Can’t wait to read it? Check out Tenant Talk online now.