With the holiday spirit (and a particular song) in mind, we asked staff and members of NLIHC to share some of their favorite things about NLIHC.

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“I am always amazed when NLIHC’s crack Research Team decipher the latest gobs of data and miraculously present policy staff a nice chart to bring to the Hill that same morning. Their ability to put together a summary highlighting important data in the first Housing Spotlight issue was also really impressive and I think that resource will prove to be extremely useful for the Policy team and all housing advocates alike.”

~ Linda Couch, NLIHC Senior Vice President for Policy and Research

“I like being part of NLIHC because I am my brother’s keeper. I’m able to advocate and get resources for not only myself and my state but for all residents nation wide that are low income and very low income.”

~ Daisy Franklin, NLIHC Board Member, CT Public Housing Residents Network

“The NLIHC Research Team produces a lot of data and numbers, and we are so lucky to have a Communications Team that is able to help us communicate our findings in a clear, concise and interesting way to such a wide audience. Everything they do, from their tweets and blog entries to press releases and publications, is done in a way that engages our membership and rallies people to our cause. The Research Team especially appreciates all of the hours they put into promoting our annual Out of Reach report!”

~ Megan Bolton, NLIHC Senior Research Analyst

“My favorite NLIHC resource is Memo to Members – so consistently well done, year in, year out. And what’s really great about being a State Partner of NLIHC is the opportunity to share and learn from other State Partners through convenings facilitated by NLIHC.”

~ Chip Halbach, NLIHC State Partner, Minnesota Housing Partnership

“Our Outreach Team does a great job of empowering people across the country to be more successful low income housing advocates. They help our members make the connection between state issues and federal policy, and they play an essential role in connecting advocates with NLIHC resources like our Voterization materials.”

~ Amy Clark, NLIHC Communications Director

“What I love most about NLIHC is the dedication to the National Housing Trust Fund Campaign, because it’s a necessary thing to fund if our nation is going to be serious about solving the affordable housing crisis and ending homelessness. And my favorite NLIHC resource is the staff and the other state partners.  I always get re-energized by attending the state coalition meetings even when the political and budget environments are dire–as is always the case as of late–because I am reminded many others are working for the same cause.”

~ Bob Palmer, NLIHC State Partner, Housing Action Illinois

“I definitely appreciate NLIHC’s Administrative team and the work they do; they help ensure that our members and affiliates receive the support and information they need. They help keep this train moving smoothly throughout the year!”

~ Elisha Harig-Blaine, NLIHC Outreach Director

“All of NLIHC’s publications are great tools for affordable housing advocates, so it is hard to pick a favorite resource! I would have to say, though, that the Advocates’ Guide stands out as the most comprehensive guide I know to housing programs and policy issues.  We usually order extra copies for our board members and key housing partners in our state.”

~ Erhard Mahnke, NLIHC State Partner, Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition

“We get lots of calls from renters and low income residents in need of housing or help… Having the resources that the Policy team puts together like the Fact Sheets and the Protecting Tenants in Foreclosure materials is so important and really helps us meet the needs of those without a voice.”

~ Khara Norris, NLIHC Director of Administration

“What I love most about NLIHC is how dedicated the organization is to both working on federal housing policy that preserves the housing stock that is affordable to low income people while also fighting for increasing funding that create more affordable units for low income people. And my favorite NLIHC resource… are the members of NLIHC!”

~ George Moses, Chair of the NLIHC Board of Directors, Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania

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