A free press is central to a working democracy. We need access to independent journalism that works in the public interest. We need reporting that will give us information we can act on. But in America’s rapidly changing media environment, budget cuts and market forces make it harder for news outlets to cover every issue area. So how will we increase recognition of the housing problems of people across the country and in our communities?

NLIHC believes that by recognizing the efforts of journalists to cover America’s housing crisis, we can in some small way support and encourage more of this important work.

Our annual Media Awards are designed do just that. Since 2006, NLIHC’s Media Awards have recognized print journalists who make a dedicated effort to inform the public about the inequities in housing and to add to the understanding of the disparities between the well-housed and the poorly or un-housed in a community.

The Media Awards are presented at NLIHC’s Annual Housing Policy Conference. Award winners are given complimentary entry to the conference, putting them in touch with housing advocates and practitioners and providing them the opportunity to learn more about housing issues.

NLIHC is currently seeking nominees for the 2011 award. Have newspapers in your community done an excellent job covering housing and homelessness issues? We want to hear your recommendations in the comments!