Take a Memo

Every year, the National Low Income Housing Coalition publishes 49 issue of  Memo to Members, a comprehensive weekly digest of events in federal housing policy, the latest research into housing and related issues, and housing advocacy work at the state level. Each issue is sent to over 4,000 NLIHC members across the country and to Congressional and agency staff. Many more people read Memo to Members online each week.

Nearly every member of the NLIHC staff participates in producing Memo each week. The process starts on Mondays, when staff scan the Congressional calendar, research briefings, and state coalition partner websites for events to report. Memo topics are discussed at the Thursday staff meeting, and staff and interns from the Policy, Research and Outreach teams write their articles over the course of the week. The Communications team edits together all of the articles on Friday, and after final approval from our President, Communications formats Memo, sends it to our membership and posts it online.

We put a lot of work into Memo to Members, because we believe that keeping our members informed helps them be better advocates. Your feedback makes the effort, so next time you read Memo, let us know what you think.

Receiving Memo to Members in your inbox each week is a benefit of membership. To learn more about membership or to become a member, contact our Outreach team at outreach@nlihc.org.


  1. Memo is one of my main sources of federal housing policy info (the other is NHC publications). It’s great to have almost everything I need to know come to my inbox every Monday. Thanks for the great work!

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