Homelessness is a complex issue. Homelessness happens to different people, for different reasons. This reality can make it a difficult subject for the news media to cover. So it’s always encouraging to see a thorough investigation of the causes of homelessness as well as communities’ efforts to end it.

Fairfax County, Virginia has seen some success with its plan to end homelessness. But with the two-bedroom housing wage at a staggering $17.84 an hour, it is clear that housing affordable to the lowest income people is part of the problem- and must be part of the solution.

Foreclosure, poverty, and eroding work opportunities are major causes of homelessness as well. This article from Fairfax County quotes NLIHC’s estimate that “40 percent of families facing eviction due to foreclosure are renters and 7 million households living on very low incomes are at risk of foreclosure.”

As we discussed here last week, housing discrimination is a real threat to some individuals and families, and can put low income people at risk of homelessness. This report puts discrimination against Section 8 voucher holders into perspective.

What news reports are catching your eye today?