This morning, we sent out a Call to Action to a select group of our members and supporters. You may have received it.

In this action alert, we ask those of our supporters who live in the congressional districts of the Members of the House Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and Related Agencies (T-HUD) Appropriations Subcommittee to contact these Members and ask them to protect HUD funding in the FY12 budget.

As you’ll read more about in an upcoming Summer School blog post on the budget and appropriations process, the House issued a budget resolution and a subcommittee allocation plan this spring, both of which threaten funding for HUD programs. According to the Coalition on Human Needs, the funding cuts proposed by House leadership “would slash income and opportunity for millions of low income and middle class Americans while shifting trillions of dollars to the wealthiest individuals and corporations.”

The T-HUD subcommittee is working right now to create its budget for HUD in advance of the scheduled July 14 mark-up. The decisions committee members make will have an impact on the final FY12 budget for HUD, even though the Senate is expected to propose a very different budget for HUD. This is a critical time in the budget process.

So if you received an email from us this morning, we hope you will take action. And if you didn’t hear from us on T-HUD today, stay tuned. There will be opportunities soon to take action on other issues important to low income housing advocates, and your Members of Congress will need to hear from you.