Summer in Washington, D.C. is notoriously slow. For good reason! Our nation’s capital is sited on a swamp, and with the seasons seemingly jumping straight from winter to summer with no relief in between, residents with flexible schedules and the means to do so often opt to escape this city for the whole month of August.

Here at NLIHC we’ll all get some time off of our own, but we’ll still be working through the summer to stay abreast of progress in the FY12 budget negotiations and watch for developments at HUD and in the Administration. And we know that those of you outside the beltway will be hard at work as well.

Whether you’re gearing up for your state’s next legislative session or hoping to meet with your Member of Congress during the August recess, we know that being armed with information about the need for affordable housing in your community, and on the various federal programs designed to deliver that housing, will help you be an even better advocate.

That’s why we’re devoting some time on the blog this summer to what we’re calling Summer School: A series of blog posts all summer long from NLIHC staff and partners on low income housing issues. It’s a chance to revisit major policies and programs and “study up” in preparation for another year of advocacy.

So watch On the Home Front for periodic Summer School posts, and let us know what issues you’d like to see covered in this series. We want to hear from you!