This week on The Nation‘s Editor’s Cut blog, Katrina vanden Heuvel shares the story of one woman whose life changed for the better because of a federal anti-poverty initiative, the Workforce Development Program.

This story and many others are shared thanks to Half in Ten, a project of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, the Leadership Conference, and the Coalition on Human Needs dedicated to cutting poverty in half in ten years.

We’re partnering with Half in Ten at the NLIHC policy conference next week to collect stories about how federal housing and homelessness programs have made a difference in the lives of people across the country.

Want to share your own story? Half in Ten will be on hand to videotape stories from low income people, service providers and advocates. You can find them in the Forum Room on Tuesday, March 29, 10:00 am – 1:oo pm. You can sign up to tell your story on the sign outside the Forum Room, or just come by when it’s convenient for you.

Your story is a powerful advocacy tool, and we hope you’ll share it!

If’ you’ve got questions or would like to know more, contact Amy Clark, NLIHC Communications Director, at