Earlier this week, we featured a great post on how an internship at NLIHC (or anywhere else) can start young people on the track to a fulfilling career.

While we can guarantee those who intern with us will come away with a lot of valuable experience, what we can’t guarantee is anyone’s prospects for success in this job market. High unemployment continues, we’re just learning there were no net new jobs created in August, and the White House recently downgraded its 2012 economic forecast.

For weeks now you’ve been hearing from us that investing in the National Housing Trust Fund is a sure way to create both jobs and affordable housing for Americans in need. We’ll be watching for the role housing plays in President Obama’s jobs package.

So let’s talk about jobs and housing. What can elected leaders do to turn the economy around? Do you expect to see housing- whether in the form of funding for the National Housing Trust Fund, foreclosure mitigation, or something else- in the President’s jobs proposal? Give us your economic forecast in the comments.